International GSEI live tournament 2014

The annual meeting between italian chess programmers has  been hosted at the chess club in Turin and it was the first live partecipation for AdaChess that played with the newborn release 2 of the engine

As the GSEI founder Stefano Gemma said, that was “the most entertained tournament ever” due to a lot of surprises!

One of the first target of every programmer there was to meet each other, exchange tecnical stuffs and spend a uncommon weekend. Everybody knows how strong is each engine, nobody know how beautiful people are programmers behind them!

But let’s summurize what happened to the tournament: lots of funny bugs and breautiful games!

The strongest engine was Pedone by Fabio Gobbato, with 2600 ELO. It was at his second participation and he got 4 nice victories at the first 4 match. But then he got another stron engine, CyberPagno by Marco Pagnocelli, with 2400 ELO. The match was though for both but in the end Pedone remained without enough time to think and lose the match. CyberPagno become first and he was close to the tournament victory beacuse other opponents were less stronger than him.

On the other side, everybody were laughing due to a funny bug of Chexa, a strong engine that after any queen promotion wasn’t able to checkmate opponents and got many draws in that way!

AdaChess played as usual and defeated Satana, Neurone and GiuChess, losing instead against Uragano, Chexa and the really fast Ramjet (the new engine by Edoardo Mannino).

The last match was the most difficult one for me: AdaChess vs CyberPagno.

CyberPagno was (and still is) clearly stronger (900 elo more than AdaChess) but AdaChess laks on tactical positions where plays quite good on strategical ones. CyberPagno got small advantages move after move and after a while he announced: mate in 10.

But he didn’t, because of a bug!

And that bug really turned the situation upside down giving AdaChess the opportunity to checkmate after two moves! What a unexpected victory!

But the surprise was not finished: after that game, CyberPagno lose the 1st rank leaving Pedone to win the tournament!

Lots of bugs, but lots of funny and new friends! Thanks eveybody for that beautiful weekend and… se you soon at the next live tournament!

Tournament games and results

For the interested ones, the tournament matches and results are published on the g-sei site and a post (in italian) is “Due giorni da protagonisti

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