Testing the 2016.11.08-pre version

Hey, here I am! After a lot of work to improve the previous version and after a year and an half the new upcoming engine is really close to its final release! I’m testing last things to fine-tune some small stuff before the final release. Feel free to download it and play at your best!

A formal test will be performed on the G-SEI site, starting on the 18th november at 21:00. Follow the G-SEI engine testing page to see it live.

I’m pretty sure that there will be many surprises about the new AdaChess playing style and strength!

Alessandro Iavicoli

I am an italian computer software engineer who lives in Oldenburg. I am passionate about Ada and the game of chess, and as a consequence I am the creator of the only chess engine written in Ada. I am also a cuban salsa dancer and trainer.

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