Configure Arena to play with AdaChess

Arena is GUI for chess engines, it let you play easily against engines by looking at a common chessboard and using your mouse to move pieces instead of type moves and commands from a console. That’s why we talk abou chess engines: the engine will get a move as input and answer with a move as output. The GUIs will instead communicate with the engine and represent those input/oupt in a human readable way 🙂

Going to the heart of the matter, if you want to play against AdaChess I suggest you to use a GUI for chess. There are two common GUI: Arena and Winboard/Xboard. In this post I will guide you step by step to configure Arena, while in another post I will do the same for Winboard/Xboard. Please note that the procedure is shared for almost any engine.

Get Arena and AdaChess

Ok, let’s start by dowloading AdaChess from the download page of this site. Once the zip file has been downloaded, unzip it and save the engine (and the book) in a directory you like. If you like, download also the official logo (not required, but you can add it in Arena if you like).

Then download Arena from its official home page. After that, install and launch it.

Configure the engine

Open Arena and go to the Engine -> Manage menu as shown in the pictured below


The switch to the details tab and click on the New button.


This will open a file-search dialog. Look up the AdaChess engine executable (adachess.exe) in the place you saved in the previous step and load it. Arena will ask you to choose the communication protocol. Choose Winboard (UCI protocol will be developed in future). You can see the dialog in the image below.


Now the engine has been installed in Arena. It’s time to configure with some info about it. Please fill the empty field in the window with those information (look if it match with the image, except for the command line parameter):

  • Engine name: AdaChess2016
  • Author: Alessandro Iavicoli
  • Country: Italy
  • Logo: path to logo file.


Then click Apply and Ok to save the configuration. That’s all!

For any other use of Arena, please refer to the Arena home page and relative instructions.

Have fun!

Alessandro Iavicoli

I am an italian computer software engineer who lives in Oldenburg. I am passionate about Ada and the game of chess, and as a consequence I am the creator of the only chess engine written in Ada. I am also a cuban salsa dancer and trainer.

4 thoughts on “Configure Arena to play with AdaChess

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  • 5 October 2016 at 9:03

    Alessandro, the last update of your website was 2016, but I cannot see a new AdaChess engine download-link because v2.1 was published over a year ago; a double-mouse click (AdaChess 2.1-executable file) shows v2.0. Perhaps is the information about AdaChess (v2.0 is mentioned there!) obsolete…..
    Will be a new release of AdaChess 2.2 soon or is AdaChess 2016 only a private edition ? cf.
    (G-sei scacchi)

    ChessGUI supports WB / UCI protocol 1 and 2 and can be used for matches engine vs. engine too.

    • 5 October 2016 at 9:21

      Hi, The new release will be published soon, I can estimate on January 2017. The version 2.1 is a bug fixing release of the previous one. From the next one, I will use a new name, like 2017.1 then 2017.2 an so on and the source code will be published on github. Then, any minor change will be published and this will happens often (once every two-three months). Thanks for having write me 🙂

    • 8 November 2016 at 22:25

      Hi, as you can see I released the new version of AdaChess. There are no private version, I just want to release engine only if it has been tested extensively and after the source is well commented, that’s why it take me lot of time between one release and the next one 🙂
      Did you matches AdaChess with BigLion?


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