Compile AdaChess from source

This post is outdate. Starting from the release 3.0 of AdaChess the compilation process has been semplified. To compile AdaChess, you should use GPS and gprbuild and compile the project file that has been already configured.

Compile AdaChess from source is easy, just follow this instruction! AdaChess has been written entirely in Ada, so you need first to obtain an Ada compiler. The most common one is GNAT that is available both from (The GCC compiler, provided as TDM-gcc) and from I suggest you to download the adacore version with the Gnat Programming Studio if you want to manage the source; however both are the same and I use both of them while testing.

Once you got the compiler installed, then open the console of your operating system and type


wherever you are under a GNU/Linux operating system or a Windows one.

Please remember that AdaChess is still compiled in 32 bit because the Integer size specification is still unknown. If you want to compile AdaChess in 64 bit you must obtain the tdm-gcc compiler and compile using the target amd64 instructions (-m64) The full compile command is

gnatmake.exe adachess -gnat2012 -gnatp -gnatn -O3 -funroll-loops -fomit-frame-pointer -m64

where gnatmake is the compiler, adachess is the source file adachess.adb (you can omitt the extension name), and other boring stuffs needed for optimization reasons.

Good luck!


Alessandro Iavicoli

I am an italian computer software engineer who lives in Oldenburg. I am passionate about Ada and the game of chess, and as a consequence I am the creator of the only chess engine written in Ada. I am also a cuban salsa dancer and trainer.

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