AdaChess on the Ada User Journal

I was really surprised to read my name on an international journal about Ada! Yes, there it is! Ada Europe is an international organization who produces, from the 2001 until now, an online and printed paper called Ada User Journal (auj). The journal appears ones every three months and a copy with article summary is free available in pdf from the auj online archive.

Well, an article written on the number 34, date in the January 22th, 2013 and released in march of the same year, talks about… about AdaChess! What a great surprise for me! You can read it by downloading the auj from here or from the link above  – go direct to page 17 to find it quickly 🙂

The article explains some things about the 1st release of the engine.

Basically, it says that is a “small yet complete chess engine”, code is “clean, well-formed and readable” – wow! I really enjoyed it!

Then it talks about technical terms about engine programming. What a nice way to promote Ada, though!

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