Configure Winboard/Xboard to play with AdaChess

As pointed out in comment, I was wrong about Winboard configuration. Since the Winboard 4.6 adding engine to the GUI is easy as it should be. To add a AdaChess to the engines list, simply open Winboard and choose from the menu:

Engine -> Load First Engine...

Here you can load any of the engines previously loaded or you can add a new one by filling the fields on the right side (like you can see in the image)


Of course you must choose the executable file from your path! Please be sure that the field

Add this engine to the list

is checked. Thus, you just installed AdaChess and everything is ready to play against AdaChess by using Winboard!

Get Winboard and AdaChess

Before you start doing anything you must get the AdaChess engine and the Winboard GUI. The engine is downloadable from this site in the download page. You will obtain a zip file with the engine and full source. Unpack it in the directory you wish.

Then go to the Winboard home page and follow the link to the latest stable Winboard version (currently the 4.8) and download it. The install Winboard and keep note on the directory in which the GUI has been installed. I did it on the default one in C:\Winboard-4.8.0

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Configure Winboard/Xboard to play with AdaChess

  1. Note that this description is basically a tutorial for what absolutely not to do: trying to edit the settings file. For installing engines WinBoard has a dialog (since 4.6.0, but it has been extended with a listbox foreasily selecting already installed engines) in the Engine menu, and you just have to point out the .exe file by browsing, and click ‘OK’,to avoid all the nonsense described here. (If the engine had been UCI, you would have had totick the UCI checkbox before pressing ‘OK’.)

    If you really want to edit the engine list (e.g. for adding something you forgot, changing the order, or organize the engines in collapsible groups when shown in the listbox), you can easily do it through the Engine->Edit Engine List menu item. Still no reason todoany of the stuff described here.

  2. I see the link to the GNU website I specified when posting is not displayed for public use. So for how to install AdaChess (and engines in general) in a non-masochistic way in WinBoard, (just using a few mouse clicks on the menus), see (WinBoard 4.6.0) (WinBoard 4.7.0)

    Since version 4.7.0 the procedure is
    1) Select ‘Load First Engine’ from the Engine menu
    2) Click the Browse button behind the ‘Engine (.exe or.jar) field
    3) Double-click the engine’s .exe file in the file-browse dialog
    4) Click ‘OK’ in the dialog

  3. Thanks Muller for your comments. I will update this post soon with the procedure you gave me.

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