Italian G-SeI Web Tournament 2017

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The Italian web tournament on the G-SeI site started on Friday evening at 21:00. AdaChess will play in the Group E. The engine has been updated with some small improvements and bug fixing.

Will AdaChess be promoted to the Group D? Good luck!

Update: AdaChess promoted! Yeah! After an intensive but incredible fun tournament AdaChess ranked 2nd and is now going to match other – stronger – engines in the group D.

In the meanwhile, I discover a minor and a major bugs in the engine. Both have been immediately corrected and AdaChess is now able to play with null moves and SEE. Let’s see what happend! The next turn is coming! Soon I will release the full source of the latest version!

Alessandro Iavicoli

I am an italian computer software engineer who lives in Oldenburg. I am passionate about Ada and the game of chess, and as a consequence I am the creator of the only chess engine written in Ada. I am also a cuban salsa dancer and trainer.

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